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Professional services

At All Prints, we offer a suite of professional services designed to empower both new and existing schools. Our comprehensive offerings include:

All Deployed: Kickstart your journey with services like Apple School Manager (ASM) onboarding, Mobile Device Management (MDM) setup and configuration, device enrollment, classroom tools deployment, and technical training. We’re with you every step of the way.

All Managed: We handle day-to-day operations, user management, profile and restrictions adjustments, deployment updates, and onboarding for new devices. We keep your systems running smoothly.

All Covered: We’ve got you all covered with our Service Level Agreement (SLA), quarterly health checkup, free pickup and delivery, extra stock for device replacement, and priority technical support.

Smart Investment solutions

Parental Funded Device

All Prints has developed an exclusive online store tailored to both schools and parents, making the process of acquiring student devices seamless.

Education Pricing: As an Apple Authorized Reseller specialized in education, we offer parents exclusive access to education pricing.

Payment Facilities: We provide payment facilities where parents can opt to split payments into three manageable installments, all with a 0% interest fee.

Tailor-Made Bundles: Our bundles are curated to meet your school’s specific needs. They include essential accessories like protective covers, extended warranties, eBooks, and other valuable additions.

Device Management: All devices are seamlessly enrolled in your school’s Apple School Manager (ASM). This ensures that students receive the right educational content.

Delivery Options: You can choose from convenient delivery options: school delivery, home delivery, or pick up from one of our retail points of sale.


All Prints offers schools a flexible leasing program, allowing them to choose between two or three-year lease terms. Our payment options are designed to suit your budget, with the choice of quarterly payments and the convenience of either 8 or 12 post-dated checks upon signing the contract.

At the end of the lease period, schools have the option to decide whether to return the devices or retain them. 

Our leasing solutions encompass:

  • Lease an iPad with Accessories starting 59 AED per month, payable over 36 months.
  • Lease a Mac with Accessories starting 139 AED per month, payable over 36 months.

Payment Plan

At All Prints, we understand the importance of flexible payment options for schools. That’s why we offer the All-Easy Payment Plan, designed to accommodate your financial preferences. Schools can choose from two convenient payment options – a 3-month plan or a more extended 6-month plan.

At All Prints, we understand the diverse financial needs of educational institutions, and we recognize the significance of flexibility in payment structures. That’s why we proudly offer the All-Easy Payment Plan, designed to accommodate with your financial preferences. Within this plan, schools can choose from two options tailored to suit their financial capacities: a convenient 3-month payment schedule or the flexibility of an extended 6-month plan. This empowers educational institutions to manage their budgets effectively while benefiting from our innovative educational technology solutions without undue financial strain.

Lifecycle Management

All Prints provides schools and parents hassle-free device trade-ins, ensuring your older devices can pave the way for new equipment. You can trade in your device(s) for store credit to use towards purchasing new equipment. Here’s how it works in just five steps:

Listing Your Existing Devices:

    1. Valuation for School Credit: We’ll promptly assess the value of your devices and offer school credit accordingly.
    2. Onsite Inspection: Our experts will conduct an onsite inspection to verify the condition of the devices.
    3. Device Pickup: Once the price and condition have been confirmed, we’ll arrange for the pickup of the devices.
    4. Instant Credit for Your Next Purchase: You will receive credit, which can be conveniently used towards your next purchase

Ed-tech app deployment

At All Prints, we are committed to providing seamless and efficient educational technology solutions through strategic partnerships for your institution to successfully implement the optimum Apple solution. Our partnerships with leading EdTech partners underscore our dedication to enhancing the educational experience. By leveraging these partnerships, we aim to transform educational practices, making technology more accessible and effective for schools and learners.


Education consultancy

At All Prints, we offer comprehensive consultancy services that empower schools and educators. Our education consultancy revolves around three 3 main pillars:

HMH Program Trainings and Workshops

Our HMH program trainings and workshops are the foundation of our consultancy approach.

We kickstart the academic year with engaging Back-to-School events. Our hands-on sessions are thoughtfully crafted to familiarize educators with HMH programs and HMH Ed. We also offer tailored workshops and training sessions throughout the year, designed to meet the unique needs of each institution.

Professional Development Programs

We are committed to delivering comprehensive and customized professional development programs that cover a wide range of programs in the areas of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, and Assessment. Our aim is to provide comprehensive support to educators, ensuring they are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed for effective teaching and learning.

Apple in Education Consultancy

At our Apple in Education consultancy, our mission is to harness the full potential of the Apple ecosystem in education. We offer a range of essential services that are designed to empower schools with the knowledge and resources required for their transformative journey. Our services encompass needs assessment, educational briefings, events planning, proof of concepts, seeding programs, and integration planning.

Our commitment goes beyond the initial sale. We are dedicated to ensuring schools receive continuous support and guidance for sustained success. We organize Apple Professional Learning sessions to provide educators with the right tools and knowledge they need, enhancing the teaching and learning experience. We conduct ongoing assessments and analysis, to measure the impact of Apple in the educational institution.