Our Solutions

In addition to providing schools with devices, All Prints is also committed to providing you with the right solutions for making your teachers’ job easier and your students’ experience more engaging.


Got Apple devices? Jamf has a solution for you.

Jamf helps to maximize the impact of Apple technology in education and deliver a personalized learning experience to each and every student. Whether you’re offering a 1-to-1 iPad initiative, shared-device model or searching for an alternative to pen-and-paper assessment formats, Jamf helps schools engage with students in new ways and deliver an active learning environment with iPad, Mac, and Apple TV.

Manage Devices

Jamf Teacher

Gives teachers the tools to manage their classrooms and keep students focused on their education.

Jamf Student

Gives students restricted permissions over their own devices, including iPad setup, document storage and approved apps.

Jamf Parent

Uses the power of MDM to provide management controls for parents, giving them the ability to limit apps and device functionality on student devices.


Much more than an Apple MDM.

Mosyle is an Apple “Everything” for Education.

Mosyle, a leader in educational technology management, offers tailored Apple device management solutions, ensuring optimal classroom tech use. With dynamic classroom tools, robust data privacy, and seamless integration, they are our valued partner in shaping a brighter, digitally empowered future for education.

ClassLink Single Sign-on for Education

ClassLink solves the problem of too many passwords and too many files scattered about. It’s a one-click single sign-on solution that gives students access to everything they need to learn, anywhere, with just one password. Accessible from any device, ClassLink is the perfect tool for ensuring the success of a 1:1 or BYOD initiative.

NEO intelligent learning platform (ILP)

NEO is an award-winning intelligent learning platform used by schools and universities worldwide. The platform is known for delivering a great user experience while incorporating all the essential tools K-20 institutions need to support effective teaching and learning.  

NEO is used by schools and universities around the world to:




VitalSource helps you create, deliver & distribute affordable, accessible, and impactful learning experiences, to everyone, everywhere.

VitalSource is your leading authority in digital course materials, eTextbooks, and student savings across more than 20 million students and 7000 Universities.

With a sterling reputation built over years, they specialize in:

eTextbooks: Access a vast library of top-quality digital textbooks across various disciplines. Whether it’s science, humanities, or arts, VitalSource has an expansive collection tailored to cater to every academic need.

Digital Learning Tools: With their innovative Bookshelf platform, students can seamlessly interact with content, make annotations, and collaborate with peers, all within a dynamic digital environment.

Analytics: Educators are equipped with detailed insights about student engagement, helping them tailor their teaching methods for maximum impact.

Accessibility: With a focus on inclusivity, VitalSource ensures that their content is accessible to all, with features designed for learners with varied needs.


Bookshelf by VitalSource is the world’s leading eReader, preferred by thousands of institutions and millions of students in 240+ countries and territories for reading, studying, and succeeding.


A learning – science based, course creation and  delivery platform that optimizes teaching, learning,  and the course development process.


The managed gateway between Learning  Management Systems, content distribution &  authentication platforms, and all content provider materials and courseware.


The digital content delivery service that benefits  everyone. Learners save money and have access to  more. Institutions get curated collections and new  models up and running fast.


HMH Ed is a cutting-edge educational platform that combines the best of technology, content, and instruction to provide a personalized experience with HMH programs. It is designed to be a seamless learning experience for students while supporting teachers and simplifying their instructional practice. It encompasses a rich array of digital resources, assessment tools, and content that enrich the educational journey for both educators and learners.

Growth Measure: Single growth measure supports differentiation and benchmarking to drive placement, grouping, and targeted instruction.

Core Instruction: Best in class digital-first approach enables both in classroom, blended and remote learning.

Supplemental: Flexible digital solutions that address the diverse skills of all learners.

Intervention: Adaptive, digital solutions for intervention, prevention, and acceleration to meet grade level proficiency.

Professional Learning: On-demand and live online resources give educators and caregivers point of use support for class and community.